The process of washing and classifying sand and aggregates, as well as a variety of other materials, allows producers to meet many required specifications. Washing and classifying systems provide producers the ability to remove excess water, reject deleterious material, and separate particles by size. The washing of sand and aggregates is required for many markets and applications. Nowadays the finished product needs to meet specifications outlined by the ever-stringent and more demanding world markets. Where dry screening was accepted in the past, washing and scrubbing are now required to produce a silt free product, free from contaminants.

A typical rinsing set-up would be used when the material does not require scrubbing, only rinsing to remove small particles of silt and fines to produce a clean end product. The scrubbing process is required when dry and other deleterious materials are present. The process of high speed scrubbing is an accepted method now, more than the traditional slow-speed “tumbling” scrubbers used in the past. Scrubbing works on the principle of working material against material to remove clay and other materials from stone before moving on to the next stage. Our range of washing equipment will improve the quality of your finished products when clay and silt contaminate sand, gravel, and quarry materials.

Our product line includes choices of washing equipment for your specific application:

  • sandscrew and bucketwheel washers for fine materials and sands;
  • compact cyclone plants for maximum recovery of sands;
  • coarse material washers for screened aggregate sizes;
  • logwashers with twin shafts and heavy-duty paddles for tough clay contamination;
  • rotary drum scrubbers for raw materials;
  • vibrating separation equipment with water rinsing bars.

With many sizes and models available from inventory, our individual plant components or complete material handling systems provide catered solutions for your washing requirements. CSS have over 20 years’ experience in design, installing & supporting wash plants and are able to offer industry leading washing equipment from a number of American and European manufacturers.

Whether you require an individual piece of equipment as an upgrade to your existing sand & gravel processing activities or are investing in a turnkey washing plant incorporating several processing phases we will work with you to design and deliver a customized processing plant which will add maximum value to your end products and your business.